Reply To: Written instructions vs Audio Instructions

gavin underwood

    Hi, yes my file ends the same way too,  It's a nourishing line to end with, it sounds, very good. Thanks for the confirmation.

    Just to state my experience to date, I have started a week later than planned, as I had to consider whether to include any of the extras offered to me, plus I needed to work through my resistance to starting it in the first place.

    At the moment I am seeing the situation as if it's two parts of me, working to become whole again.
    As a 11year old, I took easily to the smoking as it was a diversion from life as I knew it at the time, and it was illegal, and then being told not to, by people who were smoking the strongest non-tipped brand available at the time, plus on top of that my step-father was a snuff-taker, an even more abhorrent habit than smoking in my opinion, because as a child I got to see his handkerchiefs soaking in the sink every Monday morning and I guess the effects were then out in the open more, rather than only hidden within the body. So this was hardly advice I could believe in.

    When I started and then kept at it, it was, as if, the child/alive being, part left, to escape the smoke/chemicals (perhaps) and let the addict part get on with it, waiting in the wings, to return, later, when the addict part had ceased his mission to self-destruct, and really, really, annoy the guardians. Of course that back-fired.

    To get back to the S.S process, I think I blew it, by, during the week, building up my hopes and then aiming to do the 48hour fast over a weekend, only to awake on the Saturday morning with an intense passion to ignore the process and smoke, which I did.

    Now having time to reflect, I have decided to start again, making sure that I'm ready to start the 48hrs during the day, whilst I'm awake, with what I'm doing. Gavin