Reply To: Caring too much what others think

gavin underwood

    Hi Meghan, a posting I wrote: Becoming an Affiliate-suggests in the icons at the top, right, that I can modify what I have written, now days later. I did modify slightly a different post, after it was posted.
    With the one, Reply #6 in this book, that I now refer to, I don't see it listed as an option.
    My point is, if as you suggest you look at something you wrote previously, and you go UGH-but, it may be possible then to modify what you see, with your good mind operating, which is also, now probably seeing the answer you would have preferred you'd written. I know all this may take more time, it would though enhance the thread (is that what it's called?) which will enhance the subsequent readers knowledge and understanding of the subject concerned. And give you a fillip, for being able to right your wrong ( or UGH ).
    As it's now after 4am here, I will look again at what I have written here, later, and may feel that this needs modifying too. Go Easy Gavin.
    P.S This is me modifying the above. I've noticed now that when I look at my posting in this thread of postings, it does show the modify icon, it makes sense, I can only modify my post, not another persons.