Reply To: Agoraphobic no more! :D


    Hi Nick,

    I did do it just about everyday. Sometimes I would click on 1 emotion and 3 more would come to the surface and then I'd click on those that day, if I had the energy, if not I'd write them down and do them the next day.
    I really never paid attention to the hours I spent on PSTEC. I know sometimes emotions would be released quickly within an hour or so on one day and then sometimes it might have taken a few days to release high emotions, for me anger with family or Being bullied.

    I always would end the clicking with one or two Positive tracks.
    But if I really wasn't feeling positive because the emotions were so high on some of the click tracks for me, then I'd run the “Accelerator” click track to calm down my emotions, before running a positive click track.
    I've learned it is much easier to get your positive to stick if you are truly feeling them. If you are just doing them to do them…it will take longer for them to get in there and stick.

    After a while, you just know when to run a click track on an emotion or belief, because if you are able to easily say a statement like, “I can go to the store with ease and confidence” and “Truly” know you can, then you probably don't need to run a positive click track, but if you have some doubts or other memories pop into your mind, then you may want to run the click track to neutralize those emotions and then get back to doing the positives on your desires. :)

    And btw…I run positive click tracks everyday still…and will continue. Because I've had many years and layers of anxieties I am still working through some things currently, and will continue, because I know now, I choose not to hang out to emotions any longer. They really can hold you back from achieving your goals. So, seeing a new perspective on life or a new way of thinking for me its important that I stay on top of clicking for now. :)

    I'm still learning new approaches to life and new ways of thinking…aren't we always though?…:)

    It's a journey and I hope to never stop learning and experiencing new
    things in life. For me Life is about truly being free and enjoying it as much as possible. So, If something does come up, an emotion or if I want to change a belief I run the click tracks.

    Hope this helps.
    Take care,
    Liz :)

    Again, thanks so much for sharing your story :)

    Just wondering…. how many hours/how much time per day on average were you spending doing your pstec over that period of a year or more to heal your agoraphobia?

    Did you pretty much do it everyday?