Reply To: Agoraphobic no more! :D

Meghan Saunders

    Hi all –

    I've been in touch with Liz privately and I've full of excitement this week for her tremendous success.  I also really appreciate Liz's stick-to-it-ness especially after over a decade of “failings”.  I am thrilled for her that she found something that worked very well for her and feel many others attempting change can find so much courage in this real-life pstec use success story. 

    In the beginning – – it kind of wasn't working and first it 'almost' made her more frustrated???  BUT SOMETHING, something told her the process still had promise even though it was not – – – even if she was not steering her process correctly at first. 

    PSTEC is a tool and like any new tool (think table saw) — there is a bit of a learning curve sometimes to get the hang of it.  This is normal with almost anything new.  Learning any new 'skill'.  Some are 'naturals' – – some have beginners luck – – and some see the something in the skill and work to perfect its use.  And then there is a whole wide range of users in between.  Something for everyone!

    She wanted change and so she enlisted help.  A tutor.  Something people do all the time to learn to drive, cook, sew, play guitar.  Sometimes we need help understanding how to use a tool good, better – best.  That help was the instruction she needed to USE the tools correctly for her and from there she found her own style that suited her best.  Once she felt comfortable “behind the wheel” – – – through perseverance she was literally driving on the highway with pride after being stuck to a 4 mile radius for over a decade.  “took a long time” – – – I don't think so.

    Liz and I 'chatted' about the time factor.  Think about this – – for 14 YEARS – – she was stuck and getting worse.  Within a short time she started noticing a difference and found areas to address and she starting liking herself and her life better quickly.  That better feeling made her stick to 'the work'.  One year later she was on the road – LITERALLY!  That one year is a BLIP in time compared to 14 years of yuck and the whole year has been all about moving forward and improvement.  It did not take a year for Liz to see results and start enjoying the benefits of doing the pstec process.  The entire process from the near beginning has been positive for Liz and cathartic and pleasing – and NOW, she is beaming from ear to ear – overjoyed.  But it did not take a year to understand she was improving and on the mend.

    I have shared Liz's story as well because together we hope to expose and help as many people as possible.
    PSTEC Therapy Success Story:  Woman Worked Through Agoraphobia Steadily!
    Liz is a real-life inspiration to all people and most especially to anyone contemplating change and feeling a bit – – – reluctant or resistant or nervous or afraid.  I always say this too.  A year passes whether a person does the work or not – – – a year later Liz is successful and continuing to thrive and setting new goals.  This one year later for Liz – is a brand new life practically!

    The only way is up baby. . . and I feel blessed to have been online the minute Liz's inspirational story was posted – – I read it with all its fiery positive energy and influences.  Liz's story has touched me deeply and will without a doubt prove to encourage others seeking a way out of their comfortable discomfort.