Reply To: My ultimate fear: rejection

Peter Bunyan

    I feel that the answer is to keep CTing that memory, but you need to be guided by your own intuition about this. CTing is not a punishment or even a chore, do it when you feel ready, take a break for a few days if that feels right for you, there is no rush to change. You are doing it because you want to. This is such a powerful memory for you it might just take more time to separate it from all those non-JEEP emotions. But it will happen because you have already confirmed for yourself that PSTEC works. Also the work that you have done so far shows that you are seeking to change yourself for the better. Your sub-concious is only trying to protect you by hanging on to these feelings, but you need it to let you in, and not keep hammering  away at the door demanding entrance.

    Mix up your use of Click Tracks 1 for 2 and 4 for 3.

    Because I do not know your financial situation I hesitate to suggest purchasing the Accelerator package, but these tracks might also be helpful to you.