Reply To: My ultimate fear: rejection


    Another update.

    I've been clearing out lots of things using the Click Tracks and… I keep feeling lighter. It's really nice! I feel like I'm inching closer to the person I want to be, who I always was but was being bogged down by lots of “junky stuff”.

    I do feel a little resistant sometimes… For example, I went back to a memory of my dad I posted about earlier in the thread… He yelled at me when I dropped a drink I had in my hand because I felt like I needed to examine it a little closer. I realized there were a few things that still bothered me about the memory… That memory was the first time I felt like that my dad was a hateful person, that he hated ME. I'd cleared sadness and fear from the memory but I then realized that there was this feeling of great disappointment, not at myself for dropping the drink, but at my DAD for treating me so poorly.

    I definitely felt a resistance about sitting down with it again. When I feel resistant, I kinda get this tension and tingle in my lower back, almost like a revulsion, and I did kinda have to be like, “Okay I NEED to sit down and do this.”

    After Click Tracking on it, I feel much much lighter. I feel like this memory is cleared too and I'm glad I decided to come back to it.

    I guess it might look like some of these memories or thoughts might not really connect with what my original post was about, romantic relationship problems and rejection. I'm realizing that many of our experiences feed into how we interact with people in our lives, no matter what the nature of our relationships might be. I remember Tim and Jeff commenting, I think it was on the Click Tracks Made Simple audio, that even if something doesn't seem relevant to whatever issues are at hand, your subconscious is bringing it up for a reason and you should trust in what it's showing you.

    I feel much more at ease at using the PSTEC Postive tracks and I feel like my mind would be much more open about receiving positive suggestions.