Reply To: My ultimate fear: rejection

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Rhossie

    Because my parents have a terrible relationship, I will have trouble with my own relationships

    If you create a positive statement the opposite to above for example ” I can have caring loving relationships” does this feel believable to you? If not then there might be still too much resistance for the new positive to work.

    You wrote the word fear twice in this paragraph.

    Ultimately, it's not about being rejected or abandoned, really, but about the fear of romantic failure. Rejection and abandonment are aspects of romantic failure but I realized that I also fear being stuck in a relationship that will flounder and be devoid of loving interactions and joy… Exactly like my parents' relationship. They're still married but they've both vocalized to me that they do not like each other at all

    This sounds to me like something to Click on. Even though you have been at this a while and you really want to move on with something positive, the fastest way forwards might still be to clear these negative fears first.