Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?

Sally Baker

    This is a great thread and the input has already been amazing!

    I just wanted to add an idea into the mix.

    As well as chronologically plotting events and memories, look for 'familiar emotions'. What I mean is does what is or has happened recently cause a familiar feeling?

    If it does, then track back that familiar feeling to your earliest recollection of feeling that emotion and then use the free or enhanced click track to clear the emotional load from that early memory.

    You can be very free-form about this.

    One way would be to take a clean sheet of paper and note down feelings and link and connect them to earlier, familiar feelings – build up a sort of web of links. Try not to over-think. Just allow your mind to drift and jot things down. If I was doing this I'd tap gently around my collar-bone (ala EFT), breath easily and deeply as it just helps to keep me centred and feeling safe. I find great value in EFT as a tool of revelation for what I need to release with PSTEC. You'll will find that key trends, or threads will emerge.

    This way of targeting can offer very fruitful material for PSTEC to release and resolve key sensitising experiences. Good luck and keep doing the work/play. Kind regards Sally