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    Sally Baker
    PSTEC User

      This is a great thread and the input has already been amazing!

      I just wanted to add an idea into the mix.

      As well as chronologically plotting events and memories, look for 'familiar emotions'. What I mean is does what is or has happened recently cause a familiar feeling?

      If it does, then track back that familiar feeling to your earliest recollection of feeling that emotion and then use the free or enhanced click track to clear the emotional load from that early memory.

      You can be very free-form about this.

      One way would be to take a clean sheet of paper and note down feelings and link and connect them to earlier, familiar feelings – build up a sort of web of links. Try not to over-think. Just allow your mind to drift and jot things down. If I was doing this I'd tap gently around my collar-bone (ala EFT), breath easily and deeply as it just helps to keep me centred and feeling safe. I find great value in EFT as a tool of revelation for what I need to release with PSTEC. You'll will find that key trends, or threads will emerge.

      This way of targeting can offer very fruitful material for PSTEC to release and resolve key sensitising experiences. Good luck and keep doing the work/play. Kind regards Sally

      PSTEC User

        So I experimented some more and made some new discoveries. The way I had been using the tracks was to think of the memories to bring up the emotion and trying as hard as I could to feel it as much as possible. So I was spending 10 minutes trying to feel it stronger and stronger. This was an immense struggle, and then suddenly at a certain point after 4 – 8 run throughs it would suddenly and rapidly start dissipating. So the emotion went but I was feeling very drained.

        After doing this day after day it felt almost as if something in my brain had snapped kinda, so I took it easier for a couple of days. However the results didn't get worse, in fact I started doing better. Initially I was straining to hold onto the emotion, but Tim's voice was telling me to let go of the emotion, there's a contradiction and this create's a struggle. Tim is saying let go, the subconcious says ok I'll let go, but then you come in with the concious mind and say no, hold onto it. You give the subconcious mixed signals. It's counterproductive.

        You need to loosen your grip a little. If the click track is making the emotion go away, let it go. If the emotion is going back to your subconcious you hold onto it.

        So you think of the memory, bring the emotion up, make it stronger for a few seconds and then hold onto it. Then let the click track go to work. When the emotion goes down, you can just think of the memory and bring it back up. If it doesn't come up the click track worked, it if does you let the track work on it more. So it's a very interactive process. You don't need to rush, you can just feel your way. Hold onto the feeling, but tentatively let it drip away.

        The instructions are to focus on the emotion and the memory. You concentrate on both, you can switch your focus to the memory and bring it up in more detail. You can bring up the emotion, make it stronger and you can feel it and you can observe it. So the trying isn't just in the feeling, it's in the observing, in the not losing focus. It's an exercise in diligence.

        You can sometimes deal with multiple issues at a time. Sometimes emotions will stay for the whole track but sometimes they rapidly go down. At which point you can bring up a different memory and work on that. When that goes down you can go back to the first memory to see if it is still there. This gives the mind model to that emotion space to adjust before working on it more so makes the process even better. So you could even cycle through 3 or 4 issues during each run through, and then buy the end of the session they'd all be dealt with making the process even more efficient sometime.

        PSTEC User

          Thanks to Sally and Oz for the replies!  :-*
          I never try and find more intensity than is already there.  I REALLY ENJOY the fact that the issues are now at about a 4 or less to start, instead of the 8 I started with. (It also is concrete evidence of my progress.)  I just focus on whatever intensity is there (usually it's a 1 by the 2nd track on an issue so I just focus on that 1 and go with Tim saying to let it go).  I only do 4 tracks total per day, that's now 2 issues, and occasionally follow with “Wealth of Abundance.”
          The really dramatic shifts also are not happening as I continue to click on issues.  Each day really is different, it's so interesting!  The process evolves with my progress.  Beautiful!
          I am now 4 1/2 weeks in with just the free tracks.  Still getting great results on each issue (drops low very fast), but also still have the daily tension coming and going, and still waking me up in fear at night.  It's pretty contradictory!
          I've been working on money and have a lot of career offers going on now, so that's also a sign it's working.
          I'd like the quick lowering of each issue to generalize to the daily/overnight tension now.

          PSTEC User

            😮 Just ordered Andy's “PTSD Option 3” track package!  ;D
            Woo-hoo!  haha
            I've gotten pretty far in 5 weeks with the free tracks, and I'm really excited to see my results with all this information.

            PSTEC User

              Hi Jeff and All!
              Thanks for your replies today to other posts.
              I got the “PTSD Option 3” pak a while ago, and the symptoms got WORSE!  (Ugh!) 
              I have just been listening to the PTSD loop and the short relax track nightly, with an occasional Wealth of Abundance” thrown in, for a few weeks now.  I backed off of the other tracks.
              Reading your responses to other posts made me think about gently delving back in with some other tracks again.
              It seemed I was just going over the same stuff with not enough release before.
              I've been focusing on money issues, as that is “up” now, and is a large part of the PTSD.
              But I haven't had a financial shift yet using the tracks.
              Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!
              Thank You!

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi DG
                The things you mention in your post PTSD and financial worries have one thing in common that is your mind's pattern seeking and matching way of working. You (and everyone else) seek to make sense out of all the sensory information entering your brain. Everything you see, hear, feel, touch all go in and are matched up against previously stored memory patterns. If you reacted to a stimulus in a certain way in the past, that is a stored pattern of behaviour. If you come across the same or similar stimulus pattern again your subconscious will make you repeat the same pattern of behaviour, because your subconscious does the storing and matching and it works faster than your “critical” conscious. You might be familiar with smokers trying to “give up” reaching into a pocket for the cigarettes before they have even realised they are doing it.
                All this so far to describe habits and why we have them. Hopefully you can see the PTSD connection but if you are constantly thinking you do not have enough money, then see this as a pattern in thinking, triggered by some stimulus. With me so far?
                What to do about it?
                Money worries give rise to a very basic fear for survival, possibly you imagine not being able to pay the rent/mortgage losing your home etc, you may even have had the unfortunate experience. The imagined event as real to your subconscious as the real past one. But a FEAR an emotion which unless reduced by Click Tracks will hold you back.
                Once you have experienced some fear response to a stimulus this pattern is stored and as you go through life your mind is constantly seeking more and finding more of the same pattern response. This is the  “glass half empty” way of living.
                You want to change to a “glass half full” way of living life.
                Once the associated fear is gone or reduced you also want to overwrite the memory pattern with a new one.
                You need to imagine yourself in the future in a comfortable happy successful secure place. The better you can visualise this with colour sound smell feel the better. Your subconscious will respond to this as a real event in the same way that it would to an imagined disaster, only positively. The more you imagine this dream future and feel the JEEP in it  the more your pattern seeking mind will find to support it.
                Find things to be grateful for now. Actively look for them. Any little things will do. Just get into the habit of looking and the more you find the more you will find. It's a pattern. If you are feeling grateful for what you have you cannot be worrying about lack of things. You can't be stressed if you are grateful. In that dream future I mentioned imagine yourself feeling grateful and joyful for actually being there and feel it.
                PSTEC Positive can be used to re-enforce some of these positive behaviours.
                I have tried here to show you how the mechanism of the mind works so that you can use that information  with PSTEC and become more in control of your life rather than at the mercy of events.
                Our minds have evolved over millions of years to become highly successful hunter gatherer societies. We have not had time to adapt to modern overcrowded civilisation, hence things can go wrong, we still respond to things in a paleolithic way not appropriate to living today.
                One more simple thing you can do is SMILE. It is an ancient even older than paleolithic behaviour. Not perhaps as old as fear but because it is so hard wired into us, it works. Smile at every one you meet even if you do not feel like it. It triggers other people to smile, they smile and feel better, they smile at you, you feel better. A win-win behaviour. You are creating another positive pattern.

                PSTEC User

                  MANY Thanks, Peter!
                  Yes, I see/feel the associative nature of the subconscious.  And, unfortunately, our “stuff” gets wired up with our survival, indeed.
                  I'll continue to use the various tracks, and do more abundance visualization and gratitude, and report back!
                  (I watch the coverage of the “Superstorm” here in the US and think, “Geez, I have NO problems at all!  It's ALL relative, a matter of perception.”

                  PSTEC User

                    If you won the lottery tomorrow would that mean you'd get over your PTSD? Seems to me financial worries are a little bit of a red herring in a sense. The good thing with money is that it's a very tangible issue and you can deal with it with clear mathematical precision. However you posts suggest a lack of clarity. Have you come up with a detailed financial plan?

                    If you don't have enough money then the first thing you should do is look at all of your spending and look for ways to cut it. Always be on the look out for ways things you can do without as well as cheaper alternatives. Aim for a simple life and you can even use the click tracks to reduce your attachment to uneccesary luxury items.

                    If there is still a shortfall you'll have to come up with a plan to increase your income. Use the click tracks to reduce negative feelings of not having money now, and use pstec positive to instill beliefs that you are happy to work towards a better future. The tracks won't cause a financial shift themselves, they just enable you to work better. Work(be it employment or your own business) is what will actually improve your finances. The process of work is one that should be viewed positively.

                    PSTEC User

                      Thanks, oz, but I respectfully disagree!
                      There is a DIRECT correlation between the amount of jaw/tongue, etc., tension I am feeling, and my ability to “get plenty”.
                      Part of the cause of the PTSD symptoms was financial abuse.
                      I have had times of fantastic lush and flush (whether from work or other means), and times of not (feast and famine).
                      It's not a matter of budgeting or working, it's a matter of clearing the tension so I can “get plenty”.  I've done it in the past, but a whole new layer of this tension came up due to the recession.
                      On this subject, last night I did one Positive, one Accel., the PTSD Loop, and a Relax Accel.,(which is what Andy suggested when I bought “PTSD Option 3”), and the tension got MUCH WORSE!!!  (Ugh!)  It kept waking me up all night and was just horrible!
                      This is what keeps happening–if I use the regular CTs, they are not very effective anymore, but if I use the Positives, the PTSD symptoms get MUCH worse.
                      ANY suggestions about this are GREATLY appreciated!!!
                      I VERY MUCH want to get over this hump!

                      Andy Eckley
                      PSTEC User

                        Hi DG,

                        Your doing great work which I assume is all by yourself. I've been reading all the posts in this thread and there's some great advice and wisdom here.

                        It is a lot easier for me to clear PTSD face to face as sometimes there's more abstract core issues behind it, but I'm going to suggest a few ideas that may have been missed – This wouldn't be the first use of click tracks that I recommend, but I know that you will have done lots of work over the last year and played lots tracks so we must be missing a key issue.

                        Have you worked on?

                        • Trauma from early childhood (under 7 yrs)
                        • Parents upsetting conversations when young
                        • Parents beliefs about money
                        • Any trauma 12 months before the PTSD started
                        • All deaths in the family
                        • All little voices/negative thoughts that come up during the plays
                        • [/list]Do you feel dissociated? – eg, like a part of you is missing.

                          Have you made your time-line? – all your traumatic events from birth to now, and if you have are all the incidents down to a low number. If they are then we need to work on your beliefs with the positive tracks (even though you are having the tension afterwards!)

                          If you was working with me in person I would certainly check if there's any physical reason for the tension.  I would check your TMJ, SCM, traps, neck, etc  for any imbalance or underlying tension that needs releasing with a physical therapy.

                          Interestingly I often release trauma when working with a physical therapy technique.

                          Have you had any whiplash injuries in the past?

                          I would also explore the possibility of past lives trauma.

                          Good luck…

                          Andy  :)

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