Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Thanks to Sally and Oz for the replies!  :-*
    I never try and find more intensity than is already there.  I REALLY ENJOY the fact that the issues are now at about a 4 or less to start, instead of the 8 I started with. (It also is concrete evidence of my progress.)  I just focus on whatever intensity is there (usually it's a 1 by the 2nd track on an issue so I just focus on that 1 and go with Tim saying to let it go).  I only do 4 tracks total per day, that's now 2 issues, and occasionally follow with “Wealth of Abundance.”
    The really dramatic shifts also are not happening as I continue to click on issues.  Each day really is different, it's so interesting!  The process evolves with my progress.  Beautiful!
    I am now 4 1/2 weeks in with just the free tracks.  Still getting great results on each issue (drops low very fast), but also still have the daily tension coming and going, and still waking me up in fear at night.  It's pretty contradictory!
    I've been working on money and have a lot of career offers going on now, so that's also a sign it's working.
    I'd like the quick lowering of each issue to generalize to the daily/overnight tension now.