Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


Hi Jeff and All!
Thanks for your replies today to other posts.
I got the “PTSD Option 3” pak a while ago, and the symptoms got WORSE!  (Ugh!) 
I have just been listening to the PTSD loop and the short relax track nightly, with an occasional Wealth of Abundance” thrown in, for a few weeks now.  I backed off of the other tracks.
Reading your responses to other posts made me think about gently delving back in with some other tracks again.
It seemed I was just going over the same stuff with not enough release before.
I've been focusing on money issues, as that is “up” now, and is a large part of the PTSD.
But I haven't had a financial shift yet using the tracks.
Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!
Thank You!