Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    Thanks, oz, but I respectfully disagree!
    There is a DIRECT correlation between the amount of jaw/tongue, etc., tension I am feeling, and my ability to “get plenty”.
    Part of the cause of the PTSD symptoms was financial abuse.
    I have had times of fantastic lush and flush (whether from work or other means), and times of not (feast and famine).
    It's not a matter of budgeting or working, it's a matter of clearing the tension so I can “get plenty”.  I've done it in the past, but a whole new layer of this tension came up due to the recession.
    On this subject, last night I did one Positive, one Accel., the PTSD Loop, and a Relax Accel.,(which is what Andy suggested when I bought “PTSD Option 3”), and the tension got MUCH WORSE!!!  (Ugh!)  It kept waking me up all night and was just horrible!
    This is what keeps happening–if I use the regular CTs, they are not very effective anymore, but if I use the Positives, the PTSD symptoms get MUCH worse.
    ANY suggestions about this are GREATLY appreciated!!!
    I VERY MUCH want to get over this hump!