Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?

Andy Eckley

    Hi DG,

    Your doing great work which I assume is all by yourself. I've been reading all the posts in this thread and there's some great advice and wisdom here.

    It is a lot easier for me to clear PTSD face to face as sometimes there's more abstract core issues behind it, but I'm going to suggest a few ideas that may have been missed – This wouldn't be the first use of click tracks that I recommend, but I know that you will have done lots of work over the last year and played lots tracks so we must be missing a key issue.

    Have you worked on?

    • Trauma from early childhood (under 7 yrs)
    • Parents upsetting conversations when young
    • Parents beliefs about money
    • Any trauma 12 months before the PTSD started
    • All deaths in the family
    • All little voices/negative thoughts that come up during the plays
    • [/list]Do you feel dissociated? – eg, like a part of you is missing.

      Have you made your time-line? – all your traumatic events from birth to now, and if you have are all the incidents down to a low number. If they are then we need to work on your beliefs with the positive tracks (even though you are having the tension afterwards!)

      If you was working with me in person I would certainly check if there's any physical reason for the tension.  I would check your TMJ, SCM, traps, neck, etc  for any imbalance or underlying tension that needs releasing with a physical therapy.

      Interestingly I often release trauma when working with a physical therapy technique.

      Have you had any whiplash injuries in the past?

      I would also explore the possibility of past lives trauma.

      Good luck…

      Andy  :)