Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi DG and Oz
    First DG
    Re Money worries, it's not the money it is the fear of loss of property, home, security and social status. Fear of family break-up and fear for the future. You can focus right down to putting some bills in front of you and feeling the “OMG where am I going to find the money to pay these” feelings and CT those. but I suspect this will bring on the PTSD or you can take a more defocused approach and CT on those more general fears I have just mentioned as long as this also does not make the PTSD worse.. Getting clear of some of this  background should enable some progress.
    Are you afraid of the PTSD symptoms themselves? A fear that they will come back? This is like an insomniac not getting to sleep because they are worrying about not getting to sleep. If this is so then this is another area to work on
    You said you got worse after using PSTEC Positive, without knowing what sentences you have been working with, it sounds like they have been too close to the cause. I suggest that you work with improving your confidence in the process itself that is a “positive” something on the lines of “PSTEC tools can help me get better” progressing to “PSTEC tools will get me better” to “PSTEC is making me better”. All while imagining yourself “better”.When you believe you will get better then you are on the road to recovery. Like the placebo effect I mentioned earlier. Not that PSTEC is a placebo but using PSTEC to create the same belief.
    Back to money worries. These also bring with them a raft of loss of self-esteem issues. “you can't afford to go out with friends any more” “Everyone else knowing you are unemployed” Being seen signing on in the Jobcentre” “Failing at job interviews” Positives can help you get past these to improve your self-esteem and confidence.
    Hi Oz
    I think you are right in that If DG won the lottery it would not solve the PTSD, it might in the short term but it would probably reappear sooner or later.