Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?


    It is obvious to me that these PTSD symptoms are totally about old, childhood stuff  (and even some birth trauma); since I've already proven to myself that I CAN “get plenty,” and easily!

    And oz, part of the PTSD tension is EXACTLY about fearing I CAN'T “get plenty,”

    So you fear you can't get plenty even though you've already proven to yourself that can get plenty? Is the PSTD totally about old childhood stuff or about “getting plenty” or both?

    And oz, part of the PTSD tension is EXACTLY about fearing I CAN'T “get plenty,” and that “they'll just come and make me have less” if I do have more, and what will happen if I can't “get plenty”–how will I get what I want/need?

    To deal with your issues you have to face up to the truth of them. However the subconcious knows that facing up to your issues is going to be painful, so it tries to protect you by hiding your issues from you. It will use whatever tactics it can to do this. The term “get plenty” is nebulous, it's meaningless, it means whatever you want it to mean. Your subconcious will manipulate this terminology and use it as a tool to hide the truth from you. So you need to present clear truth to the subconcious so that you can begin to deal with it.

    What does “plenty” really mean? You need to look at specifics and look at hard numbers. Make a list of all your income and assets/savings. What are the things that you want/need? Make a list of them and what they would cost. Why do you want them? Do you really need them? Make projections, if your income was decreased how exactly would you spend your money? Do the same for if your income increased. You can look at all these different items of income and expenditure and see how you feel about them. It will help lead you to the truth.

    On another note your signature makes lots of mention of diamonds, would you say you're materialistic? You say you want “plenty”. One positive statement for PP I've used was “I only need a little to be happy.” Would a belief in needing a little instead of plenty be helpful to you?