Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Yes, it can be considered a “trigger” or also an “association” where your mind takes an experience, let's say being bullied, and uses that experience as “proof” that you ought to feel bad… not only about the past, but also the present and future.

    The subconscious links things up and the PSTEC Click Tracks, when it comes to emotions, will deconstruct that “linked association” so that you have less and less reasons to feel bad.  This is a shift in perception and is what you need… change your mind, change your perception … to change your Life experience.

    So, when you CT a memory or an imagined event… that event becomes 'just something that happened' instead of something that defines you and your life.

    You see?

    As you CT more and more of the poignant events that helped shape your perception and shape who and what you “think” you are, then your mind model shifts… like I said, you are deconstructing this mind model so you can shift your perception.

    You're always welcome … Aloha!