Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Sarge…

    “Recently, I heard that you're not supposed to use negative self-talk while doing the CT. Why is that? I've been using negative self-talk to remind me of negative feelings/events or keep me focused on them for the last week or so, and I'm worried I might be hindering my progress.”

    Don't worry about the “why”; but realize it flies in the face of Tim's instructions and if there is one certainty in life, Tim is literal and there is always a reason to follow his instructions to a “T.”

    Also, usually, self talk represents beliefs and the ideal tool for beliefs is PSTEC Positive.

    So, please DO NOT repeat sentences as other modalities do… this is not the effective and can be counter-effective!

    “feels like an emotion or trapped pain. Is there a way to tap that specific pain free? “

    A great place to begin would be to imagine the pain in your chest … how do you feel about that pain?  Take that emotion/feeling, rate it … then, as you run the CT, imagine that pain and TRY HARD to feel the feeling associate with it.

    Another suggestion to help let the answer… the cause behind it … come to your consciousness … is to use the Accelerators on this because they help the subconscious aspects to come to the surface.

    Also, you could use the “Why Technique” with this… this is actually the ONE exception to the rule about about repeating phrases, although it's not really a phrase, but a word.  But, this is the ONLY exception…

    “Another thing I'd love to understand is what to do in situations where tapping causes “mind-spinning”. Basically, the other day while tapping, I suddenly got dizzy and felt like I was spinning in my bed as I tapped. I finished the CT but dared no go further for fear I might be harming myself in some way. “

    I cannot comment on the cause of the spinning because it appears to be a physical reaction and if you have a physical reaction, it's best to check with your doctor and also to be sure to review the PSTEC Terms of Use.

    With that said…

    If you have a fear of running a PSTEC CT or any PSTEC Tool, treat it like an imagined future event.  Imagine running the CT and see what feelings come up… rate them.  Then, take that imagined event of running the CT… imagine in your mind that you are running the CT with headphones or whatever device you use and TRY HARD to feel that fear until it's down to 0-1 and then if all seems well, proceed with your PSTEC work.

    The CT's will not harm you (again, consult with your physician if you feel there is danger and, of course, follow his/her advice).  There are no reported physical or mental dangers with using PSTEC.  By and large, the biggest problem you may have is that you don't get the results you desire.  But, you know, when people come to me, Tim or other experiences practitioners, the usual issue with “non results” is that the PSTEC Tools are not being used properly.