Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.


    Thanks again for the reply! Those things worked great. Chest pain is still there but greatly minimized; I'm still working on it.

    Anyhow, I found some more questions for you!

    – Does PSTEC eliminate emotions FOREVER, or just reset them? For example, let's say I CT on a behavior someone does that annoys me or even hurts me. Will the emotion disappear forever, or will it eventually come back again in the same situation? (I've noticed that CTing on a person's behavior somehow usually ELIMINATES the behavior from that person entirely, but if I'm in the same kind of situation (let's say bullying) with a different person, will the emotion come back again?)

    I'm wondering if I should focus on the behaviors of people at all, or if I should just work on my own beliefs.

    – How would you suggest I word something like “responsibility” or “trust”. I've realized that I have issues with both, but I don't know how to trust someone, nor do I know what it means to take responsibility (I have an idea, but it's hit and miss, to the dismay of people around me lol) Anyhow, Can I do the CT Negative like this:

    “I currently believe that i can't trust myself/others” or is that wrong?

    If it's the wrong form, how would you correct it?

    Thanks again!