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Jeff Harding
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    Hi Sarge…

    Does PSTEC eliminate emotions FOREVER, or just reset them?

    It depends because emotions are not just affected by the memory or triggers, but also by beliefs and ultimately by the “weight” the subconscious applies to each aspect.  So, if a belief has a very “heavy” weight, such as “When people get mad at me, I get nervous”… you can CT memories and sometimes the belief will shift, but if it's a “strong” belief, then the belief may remain and perpetuate the emotion under certain circumstances.  Hence, the power of PSTEC Negative in erasing negative beliefs.

    I'm wondering if I should focus on the behaviors of people at all, or if I should just work on my own beliefs.

    Well, you work on your beliefs regarding other people's behaviors and that will give you the most power.  Or, said another way, you have a certain vision of what and who you are and you can garner a belief that other people recognize the characteristics of the vision of yourself and the subconscious will search out people in the world that agree with that belief.  Make sense?

    – How would you suggest I word something like “responsibility” or “trust”. I've realized that I have issues with both, but I don't know how to trust someone, nor do I know what it means to take responsibility (I have an idea, but it's hit and miss, to the dismay of people around me lol) Anyhow, Can I do the CT Negative like this:
    “I currently believe that i can't trust myself/others” or is that wrong?
    If it's the wrong form, how would you correct it?”
    “PSTEC positive statements.
    Do they have to be a certain length like the PSTEC Negatives? Or can they be any length?”

    Not a bad start, but keep the belief statements for both PN and PP short and, more importantly, to one thought.

    So, in your sentence, you have two thoughts … about trusting yourself and also trusting others.

    Also, be sure to review Tim's instructions about the wording, i.e.:

    “It is my belief that I can't trust myself”
    “It is my belief that I can't trust other people”

    My new question regards PSTEC Negative.
    I'm currently working on some of the lefkoe beliefs. One of which is “Mistakes and failure are bad”. Now, the issue I'm having is coming up with counter statements. How do you counter morally-charged statements?
    The current way I've done it is like so:
    Negative statement: “It is my belief that mistakes and failure are bad”
    Counter statements:
    – I have learned from mistakes in the past
    – Taking risks help me grow
    – Mistakes and failure are only bad if I know better but make a mistake or fail anyways

    Your moving in the right direction… the negative belief to address with PN is good … the counter statements make sense for that except the last one.  You ask about “morally charged” statements and that last counter statement is still maintaining, it appears, your learned morals.  Morals are rules or definitions from others as are pretty much most of our beliefs.  It's up to you if you want to shift those from your mind model to allow the development of a different mind model.

    So, “Mistakes and failure are only bad if I know better but make a mistake or fail anyways”… this one, to me, is a bit confusing.  Keep it simple and, like I said, the first two support the erasing of that negative belief … the third one, not so much.

    If you don't mind… here's one that can be very powerful…

    There are no failures, only results

    The more I experiment in my life the more I learn

    I am always learning from the results in my life because I am aware and conscious of All

    Nice, yah?
    I like that last one!

    And… those counters make some good PSTEC Positive Statements as well!!

    There you go… carry on, my good man, get more results … put yourself out there and you just might surprise and amaze yourself!

    Malama Pono!