Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.


    Wow, those statements you suggested are great, thanks. One thing confuses me though, and that's this:

    Well, you work on your beliefs regarding other people's behaviors and that will give you the most power.  Or, said another way, you have a certain vision of what and who you are and you can garner a belief that other people recognize the characteristics of the vision of yourself and the subconscious will search out people in the world that agree with that belief.  Make sense?

    I don't know what you're saying here at all. Can you clarify? Thanks!

    EDIT: Oh and regarding PSTEC Negative, do you have to see the words getting scrambled or just feel like you're mixing the sentence up? It's hard for me to visualize and I usually just “feel” like I'm mixing the letters around as if they were scrabble pieces or something.

    EDIT 2: I'm currently doing the belief “I'm not good enough”. Again, this is a vague/morally charged statement. How do you counter such a thing without feeding back into the problem? The very idea that “I'm not good enough” is based on the fact that other people choose, so even if I counter with something like “I'm good enough if I choose to be” it seems like it won't take hold.

    Any suggestions for how to effectively counter statements? Any rules of thumb I can follow? Thanks!