Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Sarge… what I mean can be illustrated in the PSTEC Interview I did with Meghan here …
    here she shifted her belief about who and what she is and, in fact, then experienced people seeing her just how she she's herself.  Did everyone agree with her inner beliefs?  No, but those that did were brought to her attention by her subconscious.  Listen to that interview, although the subject is social anxiety, it's still a great illustration!

    regarding PSTEC Negative, do you have to see the words getting scrambled

    Just imagine it… it's not required to visualize, but IMAGINE IT.  Check the board on this forum about using PSTEC Negative… there are some discussions around that already.

    I'm not good enough”…How do you counter such a thing without feeding back into the problem

    First, be sure to structure the negative belief properly, as in:

    “It is my belief that I'm not good enough”

    Now, counter examples…

    Are you not good enough at EVERYTHING?
    Does EVERYONE believe you are not good enough?
    What are you good at doing?
    Have ALL of your family and friends; past and present; said you are not good enough ALL of the time … or has someone said you are good in some way?

    You see?

    Our mind takes single incidents or even a series and suddenly defines EVERYTHING that way… it's simpler usually … so, find experiences, what you were told, etc. that counters it.

    When I work with someone, I can always find exceptions to even the seemingly most “true” negative belief.

    You may have to work with someone to help you with this because when we are immersed in a negative belief, quite often, we have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees.

    Know this…

    That negative belief is only a small, teeny, tiny aspect of the Truth of who you are, but it's been blown up into something grander… and there is the lie … the error in thinking… that is ripe for plucking!  :D

    Make sense?

    Aloha nui!

    PS Rule of Thumb when it comes to negative beliefs … They are all errors in thinking… they are all lies perpetuated by the current, limited mind model… keep that Truth in the back of your mind.