Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.


    Hey all! So I'm back again with more questions.

    1. Recently been noticing that PSTECing on an emotion is not very beneficial, and much like treating the symptom rather than the cause. How do I find the cause? Because when I treat the symptom, while it may provide temporary relief, the same issue comes up and I experience the emotions all over again. It's like being stuck on a hamster wheel.

    2. With PSTEC Negative: How do you find counter examples on things that are self-believed/actualized? So let's say the belief “I need to know what to do before I take action”. Now, I know it's too long, but suspending that fact for a moment, how do you deal with such beliefs? There certainly aren't a lot of examples in the real world where people just wing themselves into success, even if there were, is it perhaps better to focus on learning what you don't know?

    I'm thinking this is a perfectionist thing, but it comes up with other beliefs as well, where there are no counter examples because it is a standard I hold MYSELF to.

    3. PSTEC Positive: How do you install new beliefs?

    EDIT: 4. How do you CT on hatred/aversions? One of the things I hate are expectations people have of me, but I have no examples it's just a feeling. Like I'll be somewhere and I feel like I'm expected to do something so it makes me mad. Any advice?

    Also, just got the “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”, is that going to help me master PSTEC or is there anything else I need? At this point, I think the only way for me to really help myself in this area is to know this stuff as well as a PSTEC Practitioner would. True mastery, so to speak.