Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Sarge…

    Ok, your first statement is not true so it sends you off on a wild goose chase…

    “1. Recently been noticing that PSTECing on an emotion is not very beneficial, and much like treating the symptom rather than the cause. “

    Many times, an emotional experience can be the source or contribute as a part of the source of an issue.  There are 3 aspects that can contribute and it can be one of them or any combination of 2 or 3 of them: emotions, beliefs, behaviors.

    Now, if you are ONLY using the CT on an emotion and not along with a memory or imagined event, then, yes, that may be a symptomatic approach, but sometimes that is all someone has to go on, so if NO memories or imagined events come up, then starting with only the emotion is ok as long as the person is VERY aware of what comes up and, invariably, a memory will come up so then you CT the memory while TRYING HARD to feel the feeling.

    Don't suspend any facts… keep to the instructions from Tim…

    the belief “I need to know what to do before I take action”. Now, I know it's too long, but suspending that fact for a moment, how do you deal with such beliefs? “

    Being that it is long means (be sure to review the Guide for PSTEC Negative) that it's probably not a core belief and that's why it's important not to “suspend that fact.”  There is probably a more core belief here so look for that.  Most “leaves or branches” of beliefs (be sure to consult the Guide on PSTEC Negative to find out what that means) are more difficult to find counter examples, but not always.  Core beliefs are usually a bit easier to find counter examples.  My main point being to be careful and aware and  not to just plowing through what comes to mind.  Take your time and when something comes up, be sure to consult what you know about PSTEC or if you aren't sure, consult the instructions or your notes you take when listening to Tim's instructions… yep, take notes!!!  ;)

    But, on counter examples if you struggle on that, consider the opposite of the negative belief.  Let's say you think “I am stupid” … ok, the opposite is “I am smart.”  Now, recall in your life when you exhibited a moment when you were smart and, yes, you know you can!!  You see, core beliefs are quite general and, being general, cannot apply to ALL behavior… no one is that consistent. 

    Make sense?

    The alternative is to chat with a practitioner who can help come up with counter examples.

    “I'm thinking this is a perfectionist thing, but it comes up with other beliefs as well, where there are no counter examples because it is a standard I hold MYSELF to.”

    Hey, no one is perfect.  ;D  Actually, the issue here is you are “thinking too much.”  You are trying to use the current mind model that has you stuck to get you unstuck and it won't be much help.  You either need to “pull yourself out” from your mind model and be more of an observer (not an analyst) and just CT what is unpleasant, erase ANY belief that is limiting and suggest unlimited beliefs.

    “3. PSTEC Positive: How do you install new beliefs?”
    Follow the instructions on PSTEC Positive to install new beliefs… that's its purpose.

    “4. How do you CT on hatred/aversions? One of the things I hate are expectations people have of me, but I have no examples it's just a feeling. Like I'll be somewhere and I feel like I'm expected to do something so it makes me mad. Any advice?”
    If you have no memories, just use an imagined event… imagine someone expecting something of you and TRY HARD to feel the hatred.  if memories come up, be aware, note them, CT them as well.

    “”How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way”, is that going to help me master PSTEC or is there anything else I need? At this point, I think the only way for me to really help myself in this area is to know this stuff as well as a PSTEC Practitioner would. True mastery, so to speak.

    Here a summary I  put together …

    Ah, a worthy aspiration because, in Truth, aren't we our own therapists?  Isn't this about becoming more Self Aware… exploring our own minds and seeing how we can find our Highest Ideals and applying them… manifesting them … here in the physical.
    I don't know… sounds good to me!  ;D

    Malama Pono!