Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.


    There's always a reason for perfectionism.

    It's to avoid failure because deep down you may believe you are not good enough or a failure.

    So instead of just targeting perfectionism ask yourself why you might be a perfectionist.

    Ill tell you right now that the belief behind perfectionism usually always comes from the belief that you are not good enough. You react in a negative way when making mistakes because you might have the belief that you are ultimately a bad person hence not good enough. This alone can trigger the emotions again even though you already targeted your area in perfectionism.

    So go beyond targeting mistakes and perfectionism and look at other aspects such as.. I can't tolerate failure or making mistakes because I can't tolerate others not accepting me. See of you can eliminate the I'm not good enough belief or I am a failure belief and many other beliefs will crumble… These are the cores that keep perfectionism in place.