Reply To: Newbie User Hitting Plateau.


    From the sounds of things you seem to hold a lot of anger and frustration.

    Instead of getting frustrated why not find out WHY you are frustrated and CT that?

    Being frustrated is an emotion. Why not CT that and memories in the past of things not working, you not getting the things you want?

    I haven't found myself getting frustrated not even once since I CTd my frustrations away. You're focusing too much on why why why instead of just listening. I'm not trying to sound smart or imply anything negative toward you, but I've been down your road, asking why and trying to figure things out.. Don't. The more patient and nicer you are to yourself the more you will progress.

    If you abuse your mind by putting pressure on it, always demanding answers, getting frustrated or impatient you're only sending the message that you are unhappy with yourself and your sub will work against you

    You may reply to me again and think I am not understanding what you're saying, but I do. The only reality is in your own head. The way you respond to others is how you truly feel about your self. Just throwing that out there.

    I'm just throwing advice from a person doing this for nearly 2 months steady now with outstanding results and self kindness. Take it or leave it man, hope nothing but the best

    Good luck