Reply To: Questions about PSTEC applications


    First time poster and first time user of PSTEC. I hope I have posted this in the right place I am just in a hurry and really wanted to explain what happened with me and see if anyone else has ever have this happen.
    I was feeling really bad, PMS, I was crying and it wasn't for anything specific but I was trying to make it go away. I started doing EFT and not saying anything just crying and tapping. I then went on my computer files and was looking for “something to make me feel better” Thats when I saw the downloads I had of PSTEC I had never listened to them so I started listening and when it said to think of the issue all I could do was laugh It was so unexpected, I would recall crying and feeling bad but all I could do was laugh it got to the point where I wasn't able to remember why I was feeling bad at all. This all happened like 25 minutes ago. I am now feeling 100% better no crying no bad feeling or anything. PSTEC is Awesome I have NEVER had anything work that fast to make me feel better.