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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      Hi leslie… you're always welcome!
      That's what we are here for… each other … because sometimes all it takes is a little idea… a nudge … a question … and suddenly you are moving off into another direction … shifting perceptions … and finding more and more freedom in your life!
      Keep up the good work… keep clickin'!

      “PSTEC has been incredible for my memory recall …[Click Tracks] I can think about a feeling or belief and very quickly remember something related that would have never crossed my mind otherwise”

      Great point!  That is one of the aspects of PSTEC that I have never experienced with other methods with quite the intensity nor success… and that's Tim's intention to encourage conscious recall of info from the subconscious.

      This is very important!
      I know many want a magic wand to wave and see all their troubles just vanish, but most times we must be willing to see the errors in order to allow their correction.  So, be willing to see what's in your way… welcome it! … and then target Tim's Tools to heal them!

      “During the EEF's, my mind starts wandering a lot… I get really annoyed … my mind has actually gone blank, it takes a while to get back up and that initial image it's drawing a blank although it should be there.. honestly, this is what I imagine a lobotomy would feel like! I finish the EEF tracks, but just tell myself that the EEF is for that thing I can't bring up and that my subconscious knows what it is. This whole thing is rather unsettling – have you had this happen to clients?”

      Two points…

      Everyone has a different reaction and, especially when you are working out of that “first tier” rut in the muck, the contrast between feeling hopeless and the transition to hopeful can be a bit “unsettling” because the feelings and thoughts are quite different.

      I remember someone I was working with several years ago and after CT'ing a particular traumatic memory of child abuse, I asked…

      Jeff: What is the rating for the fear now?
      Client: I don't feel any fear?
      Jeff: On a scale of 0-10, what is the intensity of the fear?
      Client: [pause] It's a zero, but I don't like the new feeling?
      Jeff: What is the feeling or emotion?
      Client: I don't know… I have never felt this way!  It makes me really uncomfortable though!
      Jeff: Let's sit with it for a moment … let it register…
      Jeff:  How would you describe the feeling?
      Client: It's… well … it's quiet.
      Jeff: What would you call it?
      Client: I don't know… it seems empty.  There's no urgency… no fear… no anger … no sadness.
      Jeff: Imagine that little girl of the past who was abused; what do you feel about her?
      Client: I feel… uh … I feel compassion for her.  She endured quite a bit, but now, I know, she's free… and that's me!!
      Jeff: What is that feeling?
      Client: It's neutral…
      Jeff: Are you at peace?
      Client:  Yes, it's peaceful!
      Jeff:  That's one of the aspects of J.E.E.P. … peace.
      Client:  I like that!
      Jeff: You said uncomfortable a few minutes ago… how do you feel now about this feeling that replaced the fear?
      Client:  I want more… I want that all the time!

      You see, she had NEVER actually felt peaceful… at least nothing she remembered.  It was quite foreign and her old mind model's reaction was to feel uncomfortable and maybe try and “run from it.”  But, we sat for a bit with it so she could become familiar with it… learn to enjoy it… love it.

      Work through them until you find that peaceful feeling come flowing through and spend some time with it… get to know your newest best friend.

      Second point on that…

      If it's really uncomfortable…let's say your mind feels a bit scrambled.  Just imagine your mind being scrambled, however that looks to you and TRY HARD to feel uncomfortable while running the CT.  Or, let's say, you begin to fear the CT's; maybe the feelings were intense and you're afraid to us the CT's… ok … just CT the fear of using the CT's!  You see?  Simple really.

      By the way, when it comes to a memory, an imagined event, the feelings, etc.  Yes, being “scrambled” or forgetting or having trouble pulling it back, etc… all part of the process because you are letting go of aspects and then the complete mind model you had before.  You are shifting and it may seem like a part is dying… but, it's not the True part of you; it's the erros in thinking that caused pain, discomfort and unhappiness.  In other words, be WILLING to let go of that junk… those errors and welcome the new perceptions… it will be exciting… I promise!

      “My second question is on the PP. First, there are beliefs that I want to work on that I totally don't feel are true. For example, I have a belief that I don't deserve to be in a healthy relationship. Saying, “I deserve to be in a healthy relationship” doesn't feel right. Saying something like “I will soon deserve to be,” or “I'm working toward feeling that I deserve to be,” or “In the future, I will deserve to be”, rights more true. Do you recommend PP'ing on the “I deserve” statement until it rights true or using a statement that feels more true but might not the positive belief that I want. “

      Oh, right on!
      Tim talks about this in a bit more detail because many times we cannot go from zero to Perfection in a moment.  It's possible, but we just don't allow it… it's that resistence to change thing.

      So, “I am…” is strong and definite.  So, yes, begin with “I will…” or “I can… ” or It's possible for me to … ” or even “It's possible for people to…”

      Start where it feels “more true” and as you run a PP Statement at “I can…” you might (once that seems ABSOLUTELY TRUE!) begin to move to “I will…” and then “I am…”

      “Second, if there is a belief that is related to how other people see me, what is the best way to construct that PP? Let's say, that I want people to view me as attractive. Do I use “I believe that I am attractive” or “Other people believe that I am attractive”? On the one hand, I can't control other people and if I think that I'm attractive, in theory, I'll act like it and other people will too. However, I can also believe that I'm attractive but that for some reason… other people won't find me attractive or appreciate my attractiveness, and create those outcomes.  So I'm confused on the balance of myself v. others in PP statements. “

      Meghan talked a bit about this in our interview …
      … how she used PP to impress upon the “world” how she wished to be perceived in the world.

      You're close though… very close … if you consider yourself unattractive then that mere belief will cause others to not see the full beauty that you are.

      So, begin with a belief about yourself from your perception, like you said…

      “I am attractive”
      “When I am around other people my beauty radiates”
      “When I look in the mirror I see my obvious beauty”

      Now, remember, as you do any PP Statement, if there are unpleasant feeling, jot them down, find the memory or imagined event, and CT that until it's down to 0-1 and then go back to the PP Statement again.

      Now, I would also delve a bit deeper and see why you want to be perceived as attractive.  See if there is fear that others don't see you that way or that you doubt your beauty, etc.

      You might even consider something like this…

      “I see the beauty in each and every person I encounter”

      As you begin to see their beauty, you might find them returning the favor so to speak.

      As far as others not “seeing your beauty”… how do you feel about that?  if you feel bad, CT those emotions and then consider PP for beliefs around “not being affected by other people's opinions, etc.

      Make sense?


      PSTEC User

        Hi Jeff, thanks to your responses I've had a major breakthrough – I've realized that I feel/believe that it's my fault for every relationship that has went sour because of something I did or said.

        It's also interesting because, I'm actually a very level headed person and when I do over react, its so rare that any reasonable person would assume its a rare thing. But all the guys I tend to attract directly/indirectly blame me for things not working out and I carry around that belief that I always mess everything up… so I guess I tend to attract guys who are super judgmental and disappear after a single mistake, while completely ignoring months and months of all the positive things I've brought into their lives.

        And of course it takes me forever to get over the guy and the relationship because I just want someone to finally be like, “you're okay”.

        So I think this belief comes from my parents because they never knew how to deal with my negative feelings, so whenever something bad happened, instead of comforting me, they took out their own un-comfort of seeing me in pain by yelling at me and blaming me for upsetting THEM – so now only do I feel bad for my own reasons, I feel even worse because I've gone and upset my caretakers without whom I would starve to death… that's quiet a lot for an 8 year old to handle! And of course, they'd always make me apologize and promise to never do it again, and when I was younger I did it because I had to, and now that I'm older, I do it because I know it's the “right” thing to do  So relationship = guilt, forced apologies, starvation and death?? No wonder I always pick guys who think I'm perfect until I'm not and then just disappear!

        My question is, since my parents have always been like this, and while I remember a few particular incidences, I'm sure it goes back to even before I even have memories, how do I go about CC'ing this? Can I just ask my sub to put all of those memories I remember and don't remember into one overarching memory or image of my parents and deal with it that way.. and how would I do that?

        Also, I'm not sure how to create a PP statement for this. Before I thought that I think don't deserve a relationship, now I realize that I actually do deserve a relationship – I just “know” that its not going to work out because someway I'll mess it up and the person won't forgive me. Would it be “I accept myself.. ” or “I deserve to be forgiven…”?

        PSTEC User

          First time poster and first time user of PSTEC. I hope I have posted this in the right place I am just in a hurry and really wanted to explain what happened with me and see if anyone else has ever have this happen.
          I was feeling really bad, PMS, I was crying and it wasn't for anything specific but I was trying to make it go away. I started doing EFT and not saying anything just crying and tapping. I then went on my computer files and was looking for “something to make me feel better” Thats when I saw the downloads I had of PSTEC I had never listened to them so I started listening and when it said to think of the issue all I could do was laugh It was so unexpected, I would recall crying and feeling bad but all I could do was laugh it got to the point where I wasn't able to remember why I was feeling bad at all. This all happened like 25 minutes ago. I am now feeling 100% better no crying no bad feeling or anything. PSTEC is Awesome I have NEVER had anything work that fast to make me feel better.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Lily… thanks for your story!

            Would you mind posting it again on this board…

            Keep clickin'!!

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