Reply To: Second day of Using PSTEC


    Didn't mop the floors, did do the dishes, cleaned out the tub, and had a hot bath (with a male black widow hanging around on the ceiling, lol, didn't notice him until I was in the tub.)  He's since hit the road…

    Used the EEFs, because the basics weren't cutting it, then used a tapping accelerator and both relaxational accelerator tracks.  I feel refreshed inside and out. 

    I was listenting to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while in the tub and there was a positive statement said that I liked, “Now, this is a man with optimism in his heart, belief in his soul!”  It's pretty good, I'll change it up a bit to better reflect my gender, lol.

    This is probably as good time as any to instill some positives, because at this moment, I believe it's possible.

    Hope you get a chance for “you” time sometime today.  Look forward to hearing about your day, tapping or no tapping, lol :)

    Take care, Lisa.