Reply To: New Way of Doing PSTEC Negative


    Thanks Peter!! I didn't end up getting a chance to try it last night.  Do you think/feel that it seemed to work to help rid you of your negative belief?  I'm looking forward to giving it a try.  I like your idea of writing several jumbled lines, thanks for that. 

    I hope Tim is ok w/ this way of doing it.  I love the idea of PSTec Negative but it's rather  hard to use (In my opinion). Others have commented too that it seems “hard”.  It's an awesome program that I know could be very powerful once one gets the hang of doing it right.

    I'll post how I did, later.    :)

    P.S. Just re-read the thread and saw Tim's explanation of visualizing vs imagining (d'oh).  Honestly, and I”m not stupid, I still have trouble 'getting it'.  Maybe for myself using PSNeg wouldn't feel or seem as helpful if I cannot actually visualize.  Maybe it IS helpful…but just doesn't *seem* it is?  I dunno but I'm gonna try my and Peter's idea and see how it goes.