Reply To: Rosacea and acne getting me down


    You need to look beyond that issue.

    Everyone has certain issues that they are trying to fix but the core goes deeper.

    You can't just focus on that one area you need to look at your life as a whole.

    Do you like who you are? Do you believe you are good looking? Do you believe you deserve love and happiness? Do you think of yourself as a loser or failure?

    You need to delve deeper. If you have one or more of these beliefs they will affect the way you react in that situation regardless of the suggestion you give based on blushing. You can still be embarrassed or blush because you simply have many other hurtful beliefs of yourself. You need to look at those other beliefs and start taking apart those as well.

    Memories where you told yourself you were ugly. Memories where you wanted something and never got it and thought of yourself as a failure. Memories where you compared yourself to other people or wished you were someone else. Memories were you were ashamed of who you are. Memories you weren't happy with your body as a whole. Memories where you were embarrassed or humiliated In other areas apart from your acne. Memories were you doubted yourself or felt less confident.

    All of these are pieces of the puzzle. Once you clear all of that, you will feel lighter and lighter and lighter. You will feel a little more confident and then you can move into the next area. By the time you get to the acne part, the one in which you are trying to solve now it won't seem as big of a deal as it did before and it will be that much easier to have the confidence In order to get over it and be able to PP suggestions with less and less negative self talk .

    This is what I'm doing. I came here to fix a sexual issue and got nowhere. Why? Well because you can't fix that issue unless you lower the baggage you carry in life. How can you fix a sex issue if you don't love yourself? If you have memories of feeling worthless in high school? If you think of yourself as a loser or a joke even outside the bedroom?

    You see where I'm getting at?

    Start from the childhood. Memories of being bullied or parents being hard on you etc. forget the acne. I'm sure you have other hurtful memories of your childhood or teenage years. Remember the sub does a good job at burrying emotions. You may not think to this day something so stupid as a kid pushing you off the swing effects you today, but deep down it does. You just have to keep digging.