Reply To: Need assistance with PSTEC Negative


    Well there could be many reasons you care or worry what people think of you.

    It could be that you believe you're inadequate, you hate yourself, you're not good enough etc..

    So run the CTs on any negative feelings then run the negative on

    It is my belief I'm not good enough

    There's always a core so don't just target a belief like ” others don't like me” or ” I care wha others think of me” target a belief you hold against yourself like ” I'm not good enough or I'm worthless”

    Other beliefs might crumble and you might notice that you'll stop caring what others think of you because now you love yourself or you think you're good enough. So you won't have to target beliefs about what others think of you. You kinda get what I mean?

    But it dosnt hurt to hit the negative from every possible angle.

    Try: I'm not good enough, then try im inadequate then try I need people to like me

    Sometimes the more the better. Usually a core one like I'm not good enough could do it but again dosnt hurt to hit from all angles

    Then follow up with suggestions I told you about and try other ones like

    I no longer need to compare myself to others
    I am proud of the person I'm becoming
    I am comfortable and happy in my own skin Etc

    The best place to start is always the feelings toward yourself and then do suggestions for what you may believe others think of you. It's a win win