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    THANK YOU very much for your very detailed response to my question. Sorry it took me so long to express my gratitude. Not procrastinating this time!  :)

    Just busy with another offline matter was the case.

    Regarding my ADD issues, after much research and thought, I am doing to give a product called TruBrain a 30 day trial to see how or if it positively benefits me in corralling the lack of focus and diminished drive to complete projects. It has been the subject of tons of media coverage and one self funded (but not conducted) clinical trial with encouraging results. The main ingredient, Piracetam used to be available only by prescription for decades. But is now available over the counter. I am fairly certain you are aware of the so called nootropic class of drugs.

    It is not cheap at $125 per month for twenty daily doses. using a five day on, two day off monthly cycle. Everything else has either failed or offered temporary positive results so I have nothing to lose from where I am standing.

    Thanks much again Peter and to Jeff who answered my support question of same.

    Kind Regards,