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      I found these new click tracks to be helpful. I feel they worked well for me because I didn't have to “fight” to keep just one memory or event isolated to work on it. This felt very natural.

      I did the wrap, then didn't take any chances, and used a long click track to clear the emotion. It worked well. I liked certain things that Tim said. I could really feel things move along when he stated emphatically that it was okay and I was safe.

      Words have meaning … obviously. :)


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Mahalo Howie for sharing that point…

        “I didn't have to “fight” to keep just one memory or event isolated to work on it. This felt very natural.”

        I have encountered many people who have that challenge of, especially when beginning to clear age old issues, staying focused on one memory when there are “so many to choose from.”

        Good choice on using the longer track because clearing more than one memory at a time will be more successful giving Tim longer to “chat” with the subconscious about them all.  ;D


        PSTEC User


          THANK YOU very much for your very detailed response to my question. Sorry it took me so long to express my gratitude. Not procrastinating this time!  :)

          Just busy with another offline matter was the case.

          Regarding my ADD issues, after much research and thought, I am doing to give a product called TruBrain a 30 day trial to see how or if it positively benefits me in corralling the lack of focus and diminished drive to complete projects. It has been the subject of tons of media coverage and one self funded (but not conducted) clinical trial with encouraging results. The main ingredient, Piracetam used to be available only by prescription for decades. But is now available over the counter. I am fairly certain you are aware of the so called nootropic class of drugs.

          It is not cheap at $125 per month for twenty daily doses. using a five day on, two day off monthly cycle. Everything else has either failed or offered temporary positive results so I have nothing to lose from where I am standing.

          Thanks much again Peter and to Jeff who answered my support question of same.

          Kind Regards,


          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi rob54

            Best of luck with the TruBrain. My concern for you is that it would still only give “temporary positive results” stop taking it or drinking it and you are back to “normal”. My personal solution is Diet and Exercise in the form of Paleo diet and Running, more specifically the Primal Blueprint. Even if not so obviously effective they do however have the advantage of being sustainable in the long term. Check out this story

            PSTEC User

              Hi, is there a section of the forum for affiliate questions? ( Just joined today, and I'm noticing that the written testimony html code snippets are gone. )

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi sb in ca

                No there isn't.  If there is enough demand for one I'm sure Jeff would set one up.
                To resolve your issue, again Jeff is the man at

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