Reply To: PSTEC for Self-Love

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for a great contribution. My thoughts to add in are: If you still get an emotional charge from a thought like “I am unlovable or not worthy of love” then it still needs Click Tracking first. Following that with PSTEC Positive is good, but possibly more than just creating a form of words that you like to”tap in”, you need to attach some good feelings to it while running the positive. So imagining the statement to be true with a scenario that shows it to be true and feels good will be more effective than a string of words you would like to be true.

    Some people might get “hung up” on the self love word/s. Self worth, confidence, happiness are much the same thing. It is not about the the dictionary definition but the feeling. This is not rational, logical, language but the non logical emotion. If love comes with too many confusing connotations then use another word that creates the same effect.