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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Thanks very much, Peter.

    I've been reading here for nearly a year now (since discovering PSTEC), so felt a bit rude not contributing :-) I really appreciate and value  all your insights and contributions.

    I agree about it being about the “essence” of the feeling. “Self love” could mean acceptance or it could mean just learning to live with who you are. It could also be taken to mean something quite ego-centric, but the words (as you mentioned) will mean different things to different people.

    That actually got me thinking how the specificity of language is very important. So, it might help anyone who wants to experience more acceptance of and love for themselves to get very specific on what that looks like, feels like and might offer them.

    Something that I've personally found very beneficial is, after eliminating a negative (subjective) emotion is to focus on a sense of gratitude for life and the people in it. I do this every time. It's like a spiritual practice yet, the more you experience love for others, the more you will feel love for yourself.

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