Reply To: PSTEC for Self-Love

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Paul

    Gratitude! Why not go the whole way and listen to Wealth of Abundance by Tim, this is a totally free, no sign up, no email required download from this is about impoving gratitude not just for what you have but for what you have not yet got. This helps to improve self worth/confidence/happiness/self love, it is another aspect/facet/element/part of that. Without gratitude you will not have the rest of it

    Self love can sound to some people like narcissism but narcissism is a mask for low self worth/self love. Rather than the self admiration of narcissism self love is more like being happy with yourself as you are even if it is “work in progress”. Or as Jeff would say more “JEEP Joy Excitement Enthusiasm and Peace and if it ain't JEEP Click track it”. (Aloha Jeff).

    “Love and accept myself completely” you must be an EFTer! IMO in order to get the best out of EFT you need to put as much positive emotion as you can into that setup statement rather than just mouth a form of words. “And not a lot of EFTers will tell you that” to misquote Michael Caine this time.  :D