Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan


    As you are a grown up, downloading PSTEC to freely use in anyway you choose, I cannot tell you to do or not do anything. My advice is to use the Click Tracks on their own at first then read the book. Although I have not read it I gather it involves you taking actions not just reading and theory. So I cannot see what harm there might be in in it apart from not being able to sort out what you are doing that is effective. Hence one thing at a time.

    If the man at the wheel just did as the captain said you would not need the book or PSTEC or anything, you would be able to tell yourself to feel better and you just would. Smokers could give up smoking just by telling themselves to do so. You could eat all the right healthy foods just by choosing and doing it. Procrastination would not exist. Therapists would not be needed or so many doctors.

    You are wanting to change you, put yourself more in control. PSTEC or any other therapy or tools just improve the communication between the captain and crew so that they all work together. It is not PSTEC or anything else that does it for you. You can do it without anything, listen to your own self-talk and interrupt it every time  it is not what the captain wants. All PSTEC and other therapies do is to give the captain more leverage and help speed up the process. They are simply tools to help get the job done, make it easier.
    Have you used the Click Tracks as suggested yet? How did you get on?