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    Peter – I just did the first click track for an hour.  I focused on feeling like a failure by thinking about not having money, my business failing, bills, etc..  Also, focused on feeling stress from a mix of things overall.  I found myself clicking one feeling, then clicking a different one next, then going back to the first one.  Kind of bouncing around a little.  There were times during that I zoned out for a second or two and realized that I needed to tap or was doing the wrong tap.  Like falling asleep momentarily while being awake.  After an hour of doing this, I felt almost like I had just awoken from taking a nap.  More relaxed and more calm.  Any thoughts on my experience and words of encouragement so far?  How much should I do at a session and how many sessions in a day?  I can have time by myself with no distractions Tuesdays, Thursdays and a bit on weekends as well as possibly an hour early on M-W-F.  How would you mix in Wealth of Abundance?