Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan

    Hi JSDoc

    Re WofA  Sounds like you fell asleep. It is not uncommon. No it was not a waste of time. Your subconscious does not sleep I am not sure that it continues to listen or also “tunes out” but it is better than not listening at all. Back to the ship and captain thing, by focusing on Tim's voice and wanting a good result, this is like the captain handing over control to a pilot on entering a port. By falling asleep you are allowing the man at the wheel to do his own thing, might be the right thing but the captain has gone to sleep. If you can try listening in the mornings rather than evenings.

    Re the Click Tracking  The numbers 0 to 10 before and after the track are important. I would expect a reduction on every play through. If not then stop. Most people find two or three plays in a session as much as they can take, but there are a few who can do much more. In general it is better to work on a defined target memory, one event that carries a lot of bad feelings with it. If you find your mind wandering to another perhaps related event/feeling do not worry. Just try to get back to your target. Wandering around different things can still help, it is not wasted time or effort it is just not so easy to assess the results. Back to the changing one variable at a time. By getting a reduction in the numbers every time you will get to expect it to happen you are then continuing to make the process even more effective. The number of sessions in a day is down to you and how you feel. Click Tracking in essence is simple to do, but not actually easy. It requires focus, effort and some commitment from you to make it work.

    My suggestion would be to WofA in the morning and a CT session in the evening, but not too close to bedtime.