Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan


    You can CT anytime if you have the time. After a CT session you can feel a bit “wired” or “woozy” or all sorts of odd sensations, this is your brain rewiring the changes the track has made. I think it best to let these fade before trying to get to sleep.

    Re Click Tracks and LOA. You attract what you resonate. The Click Tracking is removing unwanted emotions. So unless you remove the sense of failure for example you are continuing to attract failure. The worst case scenario is only a temporary thing to bring the emotions to the fore in order to allow the CT to reduce and remove the negative feelings.In order to make the LOA work for you, you have to generate positive emotions however these are often overpowered by the negative ones, another way of saying low self worth, hence CTing away the negatives first. The WofA will also help generate gratitude which is a positive and an essential part of making the LOA work.