Reply To: Hello and Help


    Peter – since the day light savings time here in the US, I seem to be waking up earlier and then my mind starts doing its thing.  I CT this morning.  I am not sure what to focus on.  I started off with thinking that my office has slowed down and get feelings of hopelessness.  I try to focus on the general situation of less business and the feeling of hopelessness but then I think that that causes stress, worry, financial concern also and I get confused as to what I should be thinking of.  Which is the underlying emotion?  It seems things can be a subset of other things so to speak.  How do I figure out which is the main feeling to address or concentrate on?  For example, one can have fear, but fear due to finances, fear due to hopelessness, hopelessness due to finances or the word stress can be substituted for the word fear.  Not trying to make this more difficult lol.  I am just trying to make sure I am as efficient and use this correctly.  Am I supposed to write a list of my emotions or feelings and then somehow whittle it down to one or so?  I would appreciate some guidance so I am not just winging it.  Thanks.  BTW, my name is Jeff.