Reply To: Hello and Help

Peter Bunyan

    JSDoc – Jeff

    Writing lists and adding things as they occur to you is a great thing to do. Memories are perhaps easier to write down than feelings, but getting anything down on paper is good. Look at your list and CT the one item that seems to be the most powerful negative at the time. If you are the really methodical sort then you can even record the session date/time and the numbers before and after. Schedule ahead time slots for WofA and CT sessions possibly with an item off your list to work on. This might be particularly helpful if you find you procrastinate yourself out of doing the sessions.

    While the Click Tracks tend to work best on more discrete  issues and memories or fears, as you are finding out in cases of low self worth/esteem then the underlying issues generate more fears, negative ways of thinking/feeling, and depression. My suggestion of CTing a worst case scenario is a way of getting back to the root problem rather than CT lots of smaller things that have branched out from the it. There is not a right or wrong way, just what works for you. This may entail some experimentation to find out.

    Re Fear vs Stress.  Fear is clearly an emotion. Stress and anxiety sort of go together, possibly they are even the same thing. Fear creates the fight/flight reaction and hormones, if the situation is not resolved and remains then the chemicals remain creating stress/anxiety and over time create all sorts of illnesses. My personal view of anxiety is that you can only experience one emotion at a time but you can flip through and rotate around a series of them very quickly, faster than your conscious mind can name them and rationalise them. This leads to uncertainty and confusion, aka stress/anxiety.

    Look at it this way… Confident self assured people also experience stress and anxiety but not for long. They take action to resolve the problem. They do not worry that they are taking the right/wrong action just the best they can do at the time.

    Low self worth is like wearing dark glasses all you see is dull and grey. Confident people with high self worth wear pink tinted glasses they see everything in happy shades. In terms of LOA which works both ways, low self worth creates more negativity and high self worth more positivity. If by now you have listened to enough of WofA and got past glass half full, half empty, then the above should make sense to you in a similar way. PSTEC and WofA are tools to help you change the colour of the glasses you are wearing.

    The root cause of your feelings were probably created from a time when you were young. A traumatic event or series of events that have “discoloured” your life. You may not remember them or think they are not important. They could be from your adult perspective trivial but from yourself as a child they certainly were not. They could be things your parents, relatives or teachers said and probably repeated. Whatever happened the effect was to dis-empower you, make you feel less important, literally feel small. These things so emotionally powerful they have created a pattern of feeling that you repeat over and over. If you can remember any such event, then that memory is worth CTing.