Reply To: Hello and Help


    Peter – your responses are truly appreciated.  I find myself having to read them multiple times to make sure I get what you are saying lol.  Great stuff.  I would like to write down my different feelings/emotions and some memories/situations that are affecting me.  Would I be able to share them with you and maybe you can make some sense of them, guide me as to what to focus on, and help me make it a more efficient use of my time?  Also, I just finished another WOA.  Actually heard more of it this time although I still only remember generalities mostly with only some specific things.  My zoning out seems to be lessened.  As I was finishing up WOA, it was interesting that a perspective patient that left an inquiry from my website yesterday called me back after I tried to get in touch with her last night.  We spoke and she is going to set up a consultation to see if I can help her.  Interesting timing.