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Peter Bunyan

    Hi plus1g

    Clarifying on Negative use. Yes, however it can take some time for all the changes in your brain wiring to take place, might be minutes, hours or days. After an intensive session give it a few days and check back in with your feelings on the statement.

    Prior to running Negative you should Click Track the feelings associated with the statement.

    After running Negative if you feel up to it you can run a Positive which will be more or less the opposite of the Negative statement using the reasons you have worked on for your Negative Counter Statements.

    Running all three back to back can be quite hard, finishing off with a relaxational Accelerator you might find helpful. Give yourself some time after such a session before doing anything else. Allow time beforehand to get all your statements organised and down on paper so that you can go from one to the other without stopping for too long.

    Re Positive. If you feel that your statement represents an ideal you would like to achieve but do not think it will ever happen. Create a series of statements that are less than absolute positives. So might be, could be, should be possible rather than will be or is. Use the numbers to assess which might be the right level for you to almost believe and start with that one. Sort of “drive a wedge in” to open the door to possibility a little more each time. Keep the statements short and simple. As with the Negative give yourself a break then check back in after 2/3 days

    PSTEC Accelerators sort of turbo charge all other PSTEC packages.

    Apologies these replies are not in any great order.
    Hope they make sense
    There is no prescribed way of using PSTEC products that will work for all people for all things for all of the time. Some experimentation and playing with them to find what works for you is the best way of looking at it.
    Emotions/feelings are the language of the subconscious and words are used by the conscious. Emotions/feelings are from the evolutionary older part of us and still drive everything we do. For this reason we generally suggest using the Click Tracks first to enable change to take place.