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Brian Tucker

    I will keep posting here as I progress – we can move it elsewhere later if need be.

    Today I woke up for the second day at 6a with no alarm clock like I normally do (I wake up when I wake up) and again I felt ready to roll, unlike I have since I was a kid. It made me think, why I can't I program a positive belief, something like “When I wake up in the morning I am refreshed and energetic”

    I went on my morning walk and felt fantastic, smiling and full of joyful and positive energy.

    Some things that my intuition said to me on my walk…

    1.) It takes about a week of use for this to really start softening your subconscious up AND I now see why it is so important to start working on emotions first to get the hang of it. Listening to the short relaxing accelerator at the end of my session and then the long one at bedtime nightly has proven very effective for me. It's as if the more you do, the more you see the results, the more you believe, the easier and faster it works. When I think about the changes in me, how it's working and what is possible it makes me feel fantastic and unstoppable. I am definitely at a higher level of consciousness. #momentum

    2.) Once you start stripping off the emotions – for me a big one is fear – you start seeing things in a completely different perspective. You are able to look at life situations that you looked at previously in a completely objective manner. You are no longer influenced by those negative emotions. I can't describe the feeling in words but one would be “liberated” as if you are looking at your life situations without any opinion and can make decisions based on facts rather than being influenced by that emotion in any way. Also, if you are truly successful in clearing an emotion from the event(s) – as I described yesterday – you will even have a tough time trying to recall them, let alone remember the emotion, which is why I started my spreadsheet to track my work.

    3.) As the big emotions come off and you begin seeing the change within start to happen – as you feel better and better – it will enlighten you and open your mind up to more uses and possible ways you can use this entire system. It's almost like a self-improvement “drug” as more past experiences are recalled to clear and you also start thinking about ways you can program in all sorts of positives that can change your daily life habits.

    Last night I identified 14 core limiting beliefs I feel apply to me and I wrote out my “pump priming” statements while following the recommendations by Paul here:
    I plan to hit each one of these a day for the next two weeks with PSTEC negative and then program in the new positive belief using PSTEC Extra Positive.

    Then I realized…why can't I simply take all of my daily affirmations “I am..” statements that I spend 30 minutes reading daily from 5×7 cards and start programming each of them in my subconscious using PSTEC Extra Positive which would save me a considerable amount of time in the long run. Rather than read them all every day, I just program each one in every day until they are all in and I can add more subsequently whenever I want. This would free up more time to take bigger leaps forward in my life, faster and easier.

    My question today is…To program these affirmations/positive statements in, is one run with Extra Positive enough for each or should I do say 3 runs for each one daily. Would be interesting to hear from what your personal/client experience with this possibility is.