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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 7:

    I'm back now and I decided to go full in on the anger/resentment emotions I have been building and carrying for the last 6 months. Here's how I went after it:

    Thought of all the major events associated with the emotions – did not even bother writing them down.

    Ran the wrapper track 2x

    Ran the following sequences in this order

    Two runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Long @ 30 min each
    Two runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Medium @ 15 min each
    Two runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Short @ 7 min each

    After this I had it down again to a small dot in my imagination, then a pinpoint just as Tim says in the suggestions.

    Then I had to go pick my daughter up from school real quick. I was low on gas and rushed. I was moving quickly and I suddenly thought “I am in such a hurry, a bit stressed and almost out of gas yet I feel zero internal anxiety, rush or friction. Amazing.” I even said to my daughter “Sorry not frustrated with you, just in a hurry almost out of gas” yet I asked myself, why in the world am I apologizing? I am acting and feeling completely normal, just moving quickly. This is the profound difference I noticed immediately.

    I came home and felt maybe a little frustration this time against the thoughts, so I went and hit that slight emotion of internal friction with:

    One run of the 2015 Tapping Track – Long @ 30 min.

    By the end of this track there is absolutely nothing associated with these events. I am laying on the bed relaxing and trying to conjure up a little slight something associated with it. Nothing. I then ran the long relaxing accelerator to end my session out.

    What I can definitively say is that I am not the same person I was when I posted a few hour ago prior to this session. I am completely clear of all anger, resentment and frustration of all events associated with this in the last 6 months. Not only are the feelings gone but it also feels like someone has put a giant blanket over every image in my head and I have to think a little to even recall the events in my mind. I feel completely liberated from these events and emotions as if they never happened. I will say that they are associated with some marital issues of which I thought and felt about halfway through the tapping “I am completely over all of this” and smiled. I have moved past what takes some people a lifetime in just a few hours. Yet the beauty of this is I know behind the scenes in my subconscious this goes far deeper and wider across my life than just these associated events.

    The purpose of this was to just go all in with one long session until it's gone. My head is a little frazzled and cloudy but the longer I sit and type here, the more distant everything becomes. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see the results and even a few days from now as it all reshuffles.

    I will continue posting my journey as I begin moving into the other tools with hopes to help others. This is beyond what I could have possibly imagined in such a short amount of time. I suspect tomorrow I will not be the same person, yet again.

    Update ++++++++++++++++++

    Ran across another negative emotion tonight. I was hanging with some friends and was it with a feeling that I can't really use words to describe, it's like a sadness, emptyness, abandonment emotion and I have not felt this in about 5 months and I could immediately think of several past events where I felt this and I was able to easily string them all together in my mind without having to write them down. Likely because I had so many other emotions that were overpowering it. My level of awareness is starting to pick up and as soon as this hit me I said man I have to go click this. I hung out for about two hours longer and then went home to click:

    One run – 2015 Wrapper Track – Long @ 30 min each
    Two runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Long @ 30 min each

    At this point I had it to a pin head. But what I noticed is (and also noticed yesterday) is if I really relax I can still feel the “presence” of the emotion in me so I decided to tap one more time with the medium track to clear that “low level mental hum” if you will. I actually ran the Long track on accident but halfway through it was gone so I just finished the track out. 

    One run – 2015 Tapping Track – Long @ 30 min each
    One run – Long Relaxing Accelerator

    This completely cleared it.

    That is a lot of tapping (4 hours and and hour of accelerator) for a single day but what a difference this is making in my life. It is worth every tap.