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Brian Tucker

    I am now just looking for whatever emotion naturally runs through me next and clearing it as it comes to me. I see the benefit in just allowing yourself to be natural and clearing emotions as they come to you.

    So what I mean by this is maybe when you first start clicking you decide you will work on anger and then sadness but after you do anger some other emotion pops in. Maybe because it's connected OR the emotion you were just clearing was so strong it covered it up. What I do is immediately either write it down and come back to it (per Jeff's recommendation in our session) or better yet, move to it next – which is what I do. I do this because I feel that these emotions are connected to similar beliefs.

    An example might be the beliefs “I'm not good enough” and “there's something wrong with me” they are so close to each other, similar and often intertwined. Although when clearing emotions, because we do not know what the core belief “unwinding” is behind the emotion that we are clearing, it is of my opinion that they are connected. So my mentality is “go with the current” of whatever emotion and or negative thoughts you feel during the session, shortly thereafter or experience as you move through daily life as I did last night with the “sadness” emotion. I immediately wanted to clear it. I am getting to the point now where I am not able to put words on some of negative emotions because they are feelings so I just put it in my spreadsheet with my own little description and associated thoughts that triggered it and clear it, not worrying about what it is called.

    The reason for this is last night when I had the “sadness” emotion I was also standing in a group of friends and immediately the thought also popped in my head that people were judging or thinking about me. So it's clear this emotion/belief is tied to or triggering a second belief of which I was consciously aware was just that, a nonsensical belief.

    Also, my thoughts on clearing. I may be a bit of a diehard, but I click until the emotion gets to a pencil eraser size dot and then it goes to a pinhead just like Tim suggests. At that point you really can't recreate that emotion “trying really hard” anymore but you can feel it in a low level mental hum/energy if you relax and focus on it. So at this point I just run one more run on that relaxing and mentally focusing on it really hard and that usually makes it disappear all together.