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Brian Tucker

    As I was walking today I had some low resentment/anger emotion on some events that have happened recently. It is a perception of “people are talking about me behind my back” “people are judging me” – Probably a negative belief of “there's something wrong with me” and also a “judgement” belief. I am going to wrapper the events and click the emotion on it this afternoon.

    I also now see how these negative emotions just perpetuate and reinforce whatever belief is there and why it is so important to start with the emotional tracks process first. It is “chicken and egg” with emotion vs belief first – but the emotion tends to be your major clue in the detective work so naturally it's easiest to start there. Even if you can't find the belief, at least you can eliminate the emotion which will allow you to become more aware and then shift focus to finding the actual core negative belief.

    Then once you get used to the emotional clicking and your subconscious starts to loosen up you can move to more advanced emotional clicking once you start to get the feel for how it works and start to see results. I would say AFTER you have done some basic and advanced emotional clicking and you begin to open up and raise your awareness, THEN You can move to PSTEC negative and positive tracks – just as all of you guys and Tim recommend.

    Update – Day 8:

    I cleared out the “people are talking about me behind my back” “people are judging me” emotion described above – Again I did it on the fly:

    Ran the wrapper track 2x

    Ran the following sequences in this order

    One run – 2015 Tapping Track – Long @ 30 min each
    Two runs – 2015 Tapping Track – Short @ 7 min each
    One run – Short Relaxing Accelerator

    The emotion was cleared out during the first long tapping track but I used the second two tracks to get rid of the low level hum in a completely relaxed state. Between the two short runs it turned into a different light emotion of frustration which I again cleared using the same events in my mind.

    Some things I noticed today:

    I ran the PSTEC Positive journey track two days ago 3x in a row using the phrase “When I am with “insert name here” I am calm and relaxed” and today I spoke to that person on the phone and I after I got off the phone I realized how I felt so light and upbeat on the call – like a happy feather. During the call that person was a perfect mirror of me. Amazing.

    I had a call with respect to some negotiations for a job that is being offered to me. Prior to today I had fear of confrontation and would also have had some frustration in discussions. Today was effortless. I was smiling the whole time during the discussion. I was even looking for that in me and thinking…it's not there.

    Some other items to consider:

    When I create a wrapper using 2015 with the pattern of events. I try to think back as far as I can in my childhood to significantly related events that pop up and add those events in whenever I can to the wrapper mix, in addition to those across my life and recent. I suspect that these events are tied closely if not the significant root of the core program.

    Today's summary:

    I was doing really good before I started a week ago but now I am feel like I have taken several leaps forward emotionally and vibrationally in the last few days as I strip this stuff off in huge chunks.