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Brian Tucker

    Update – Day 9:

    Running short on time to do any clicking today but yesterday I ran across the Positive Empowered hypno track. I purchased and listened to it in the evening and again this morning. WOW what an amazing piece of work!

    Also last night and this morning I programmed two positive statements in, running the relaxing journey from Extra Positive:

    “When I am with my girls I am calm and relaxed” My girls are my three daughters.
    “I am a dynamo of positive energy and success” – I pulled this phrase from Positive Empowered – It really resonated with me so I thought hey, why not?

    I came up with another light “fear” related emotional scenario where I might be perceiving people are talking about me (which they absolutely aren't) so I am going to click the emotion on that and also remove the negative belief “there's something wrong with me” and then through Extra Positive click in “I am perfect as I am” “I am secure and confident when I am around others” “I am light and upbeat when socializing” and then also add in this time again with clicks “I am a dynamo of positive energy and success”

    I also came up with two different frustration/anger things that have been recent here that just flowed into my mind a few minutes ago so I am going to click these as soon as I have a chance.

    Mid-day update =====================

    Now here a few hours later something else popped up – I carry a lot of anger/frustration for my father and my stepmother. What occurred to me is to “wrapper up” the major events I can remember for each of them and thoughts of just them in general and run the 2015 on those events and emotions. One session for each person. I can't begin to imagine what all is linked to that as it is at the core of my childhood and programming so I am also adding this to my list.

    I was also driving in the car with my daughter who I have had a long history of frustration and anger with (which no longer exists) so I am also going to wrapper up all of those events and clear that anger emotion out of me as well.

    So now I am all set for my next session(s)!

    Evening update =====================

    I was at graduation parties all day today. I was very light and upbeat. I had tons of energy and was in a great mood. The feelings of people talking about me in social circles and the loneliness I experienced the other night has pretty much subsided emotionally though I know it will only get better in a week. I could consciously bring this up but I didn't have any emotions tied to it. I am still going to clear what I posted earlier as I want to make sure this completely gone.

    I am noticing that I feel very calm and relaxed, very clear and present in all situations and it's only getting better by the day. The cloudiness, scatterbrained and heavy depression feelings and negative emotions are very vague now and when I do experience anything I can typically associate it to some event(s) that I want to clear.

    I thought I was doing really well prior to PSTEC but this has already taken me to an entirely new level. I am amazed by the difference in how I am thinking and feeling in only 9 days. Even though I was much better than I had been a few months ago, I used to be very tired all the time and needed a nap almost daily. I do not even feel the need for a nap and I am sleeping soundly at night. I woke up this morning at 5am charged and ready to go with no alarm clock and about 6 hours of sleep.

    I meditate for 15 minutes a day and the last few days I am at unprecedented levels of deep relaxation as if I am floating in water on my bed. This can only get better the more I clear. More to come…