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Brian Tucker

    Sounds like you have reached what Tim calls the “tipping point”, where changes cascade and you see and feel life through a positive filter rather than a negative. It has been quite a “ride” so far and now you have started to take your foot off the accelerator, I hardly need to remind you to keep on “Clicking”.

    I agree with you and I have no intentions of stopping. I am just shifting gears for a few days but my intent is to hit the emotions as they come to me. It's just such that the next set of emotions seemed to weaken a bit overnight but I still intend to click them as soon as I have a situation where they become a little stronger and/or wrap them with a similar event.

    You can only ever take break from working with clearing negative feelings since most everything we do is emotionally driven. However these emotions are not just simple one word things like anger but could take a whole page to describe. Or many emotions flipping through quickly, so fast you cannot name them.

    I agree on this. This is why I just make notes of what the thoughts were for myself in a spreadsheet and then my own little description of the feelings. For example, last night's nervousness feeling in the stomach is one I can't easily recreate or even name. It's as if there were multiple fears, I cleared the major one that was completely shocking and paralyzing me and this feeling is tied to some emotion/program remaining underneath. I certainly want to clear it!

    When working with Positive statements they need to be able to induce positive feelings. Again they may not be easy to name, but perhaps an overall feeling of happiness will do. This tells your subconscious “this is what I want more  of” “this is what I want all of the time”. Like giving your sub a target it can see to aim at, rather than a set of directions to follow without a map which have to be followed blindly.

    Good to know. I will always incorporate an emotion. Thank you!

    One day I hope some one will do a video journal describing their experiences, on a day-by-day basis rather than a YouTube “wow what a great thing PSTEC has done for me”. These are fabulous, but do not give a sense of the journey, only an arrival at a destination.

    Any volunteers?

    I would love to have done this but I have also used a few other methods to get where I was before I started with PSTEC. Like I said I thought I was far along but I was nowhere compared to where I am now. I am a little far along now however, I am introducing this to some friends and perhaps we can get one of them to do a journey on youtube.

    Thank you plus1

    Thank you for all of your input! It is very helpful.  :)